Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 12. Sólheimar - Eco-Village

Second time in Sólheimar.

The village remained the same, people as well, but not the group of volunteers. New volunteers for a new organic adventure. Those organic volunteers came from Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Slovakia, Poland and Serbia. The work was more or less the same, in the same places except for painting. We painted the Cecilia house quickly because Sólheimar received a group for a TV show.

The leisure activities were the same, the expedition as well; everything organic of course, except the cigarettes. And the organic group had good organic luck because it was possible to see some organic Northern lights. The price of the organic Northern lights is usually expensive but during this period it was for free. Very lucky!!

To learn more about the organic experiences of SEEDS volunteers in the Eco-village of Sólheimar, please visit or contact us for more information on how to be part of this unique opportunity!

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