Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 63. Icelandic nature from East to North!

Seven volunteers from the USA, Israel, Spain, Russia, Italy, and Latvia worked together on projects in the east and north of Iceland.

In the first week we were traveled to a remote farm in the east of Iceland. The farm is so remote that in order to get there, we drove a PROPER sized jeep that was able to cross rivers. The farm is surrounded by beautiful cliffs covered with hundreds of sea birds. We saw whales by just looking out of our bedroom window. No words can describe emotions that rose in our hearts while staying in such a magical place. All of our projects related to preserving the natural beauty of the area. We planted trees, cleaned the beach, and built nesting places for Icelands' holy bird, the Eider duck.

In the second week we moved to the northern capital of Iceland, Akureyri. We stayed in the middle of the forest, a popular relaxation place for the locals. Most of our time was spent in a tree nurturing station. We helped cultivate tree seedlings until they grew strong enough to survive in Icelands' harsh environment. We spent our evenings either in the local hot pot or in Akureyri's cozy cafes.

Our work camp provided us with unforgettable experiences. What we will remember most are the amazing people that we met, our relaxing free time activities, and the beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

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