Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 03. Kópasker - Öxarfjörður

In northern Iceland, in the small village of Kópasker, just finished the third workcamp of SEEDS.

Volunteers were cleaning the coastline and public spaces from invasive flower - the Luppina. The group consisted mostly from Seeds EVS long term volunteers and volunteers from China, Italy and France. It was the third training workcamp for our next camp leaders and environmental messengers and they enjoyed it fully.

The interaction with locals was very intensive, directly at the beginning workcampers organized the International evening, were they met many locals. The locals afterward offered to the volunteers whale watching in Húsavík. The group also made a nice trip to the natural park Ásbirgy. If you want to have a look at their experience in snapshots, visit our galleries and have a look at few pictures taken during the project!

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