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SEEDS 11. The interior! Far away from it all!

In the middle of the famous Kjollur road that connects Godafoss and Akureyri through beautiful Icelandic highlands, lies Kerlingarfjoll. Recently adapted from mountain ski centre to a summer camp site with comfortable huts and dormitories, Kerlingarfjoll provides an ideal holiday if you are looking for isolated peaceful vacations.

All nine volunteers (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and USA), greeted by Aurora Borealis a few days after their arrival, started their fourteen days stay in the huts and moved to dormitory directly in the main building after one week, when the season finished, which made the accommodation even more comfortable and simplified access to the kitchen. The food, kindly provided by our host, was great, and the group decided to do one small "international evening" out of every dinner, which proved to be a brilliant idea and everyone enjoyed it a lot.

The aim of this workcamp, being the second SEEDS project organized on the place this year, was preparing the camp site for next season. It included huts restoration and a very Icelandic job: building a hotpot. Both activities were already started by the former camp and the volunteers smoothly continued their effort.

We fitted the huts with better insulation, prepared them for the winter, built a platform with tables and benches in their vicinity and finally painted them with stylish red color. Building of the hotpot was, on the other hand, a physically demanding work but the muscle training was instantly balanced by beautiful landscape and amazing hot streams all around us.

We spend our leisure time in many different ways: watching Icelandic movies, hiking in the geothermal area or on snow fields, swimming in natural hotpot located just fifteen minutes from our place or playing a "World Trade Game", an activity prepared by our environmental messenger.

Last but not least, our work leader, skilled carpenter and real Viking, declared our volunteers to be officially Vikings too left on his quad bike. Thank you all for everything!

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