Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 40. Green Days in Reykjavík & Film Festival
The SEEDS Green Days in Reykjavík will start next week and our team has been preparing the different types of activities to be developed in the capital of Iceland!
The Green Days’ events aim at raising awareness and stimulating citizens, businesses, non-governmental organisations, local authorities and other urban actors to improve the environment's quality by implementing changes in behaviour.
Apart from raising awareness, the activities provide citizens with information and exchange opportunities about the current and future environmental work of the local government. It will be an environmental education initiative that encourages all stakeholders to take steps towards becoming more environmentally-responsible.
The organisation of the events intends to allow local discussions on environmental issues to be linked to the wider global level through a participatory movement. The local government further profits from promotion of its work for the environment through the Green Days.
It will be a showcase to see the relevance of our actions on the environment and the challenges we are facing.
One of the aims of the Green Days in bringing together key players and stakeholders is not only to listen and to see but also to try to move towards feasible and cost-effective solutions; increasing the promotion of environment protection while saving or gaining in finances (of individuals, institutions or companies) that will result on better quality of life and health.
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