Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 04. Island of Viðey festival - Viðeyjarhátið
We live in Viðey
hearing the birds sing and fly
an island in Reykjavík's sea
with nobody nearby, just 9 volunteers and me.
Some of us flew from Spain, Korea and Japan
others from Germany, Ireland, France and Taiwan
for others the stay is not so short,
they came from England and a land famous for it's Port.
Our main task is very clear
and so we had nothing to fear
bonfires were made, and the coastline spotless
for we all together had cleaned up the mess.
The Viðey festival is coming
which we will help in running
building kites, wooden objects, and giving medals to people in a race.
all of which made us happy putting a huge smile on our face.
In our free days we go with the boat to the city
we see whales and puffins on a journey ever so pretty
we also go to the swimming pool
lots of laughter here, with filipa always playing the fool.
The environment is on our minds when we gather at night
for we don't want to rest, we want to fight.
we talk about dams, hydropower and H2O,
and the biodegradation of rubbish, our enemy, our foe.
The results of our work
are very nice to see
all the island is cleaned
from the centre to the sea :)
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