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From 28.08.2011 to 09.09.2011
Type: Environmental / Construction
Number of volunteers: 8
Language: English - high proficiency is not required
Accomodation: Local housing, sleeping bag needed
Participation fee: 180 EUR
Extra: Motivation for working outdoors; free time activities.

WORK & STUDY/PROJECT: This is a unique project where SEEDS volunteers will be working in two different locations. The first part will take part in Brynjudalur, Valley of Brynja, renovating a house made of timber and natural materials. We will help with cutting the wood and forming the house. We may also have the chance to cut down and form the tiles for the roof and install it on top of the house. We will assist with the sorting out and cleaning wood pieces for flooring.

We will help building a rustic fire place and building paths with stone tiles. If weather & time allows we will be offered to travel to different locations, collect drift wood with 1000 year old techniques.

Natural Icelandic materials will be used for the construction: Woods, rope, turf, rocks and stones are the primary building materials. We will learn the crafts of the Viking days, using old day tools & techniques; to do rope and wood work and traditional Icelandic rock and turf walling.

The second part we will be at the new SEEDS volunteers' base located in the outskirts of Reykjavík. We will be assisting and giving contributions to the future development of SEEDS volunteering activities. We will be taking care of the garden in the volunteers centre, painting the house if needed and if weather allows, planting trees, preparing a vegetable garden and tending the lot.

This camp offers volunteers an amazing opportunity to learn from and work with an expert in building with traditional techniques, using natural resources and experience first-hand a way of living that is long gone.

ACCOMMODATION: During the first part of the project we will sleep in a big 'Indian' tent on the location of the project. The food provided will be traditional Icelandic food, Icelandic lamb, fish, and root vegetables among other more modern products which we will cook on an open fire. Food will be kept cold in the river and we will wash ourselves with cloths and water either straight from the river or with water heated on the fire. A travel-toilet will be set up in a private location.

In the second part of the project we will stay in SEEDS volunteers centre, a fully equipped house with showers and washing machines; sleeping in shared rooms.

We will share the different duties of cooking and cleaning. Do not forget to bring some traditional/typical food from your home country for the international evening which will be held during the second part of the project.

LOCATION: The work camp will take place in a valley about 80 Kilometres from the capital, Brynjudalur. The valley is extremely beautiful, with many plants and trees, surrounded by high mountains on both sides. Many small canyons, streams and waterfalls and it is a popular place for hikers to visit. Along the valley runs the river Brynjudalsá which starts in Sandvatn.

Part of the project will take place in the outskirts of Reykjavík, in the hills of Wolves' Mountain, far enough from the city to be able to enjoy the quality of the country life, pure air, nature & tranquillity, but close enough to be able to visit the capital once or twice during the project.

LANGUAGE: English will be the language of the camp; high proficiency is not required.

TERMINAL: Closest international Airport: Keflavík/Reykjavík (KEF). Bus station: Central Reykjavík (BSÍ).

SEEDS organises the 'minibus option', a shared transport from Reykjavík to the camps and vice-versa, which apart from being cheaper and more convenient, allows volunteers to meet fellow campers and have a relaxed trip, while stopping on the way for interesting and tourist sites.

EXTRAS: Participation fee EUR 180.

Volunteers need to be motivated to work outdoors and be willing to take part in all the diverse projects connected with the workcamp.

SEEDS and/or our hosting partner will organise free time activities in the area for the volunteers. Extreme beautiful natural surroundings with countless opportunities to hike & discover by foot.

AGE: 18+

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