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SEEDS 31. The lighthouse at the end of the world!
West Fjords
SEEDS Iceland
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From 04.06.2011 to 18.06.2011
Type: Environmental / Construction
Number of volunteers: 10
Language: English - high proficiency is not required
Accomodation: Mattress on floor, tents. Bring sleeping bag.
Participation fee: 160 EUR
Extra: Must have motivation to work outside. hikes, boat rides.

WORK/PROJECT: SEEDS volunteers will have the opportunity to follow this exciting projects started in 2010. We will be working in restoration and renovation works at one of the most remote light houses in the Icelandic western fjords. The work will be done at the light house and its surrounding area.

We will be part of various projects, working on fixing and face-lifting the lighthouse and its closest surroundings; doing some paint work, mowing and tending to vegetation in the area, as well as preparing for an art show that will be hosted in the lighthouse later in the summer.

Renovation works inside the lighthouse may include repairing walls, painting, changing some of the glass windows and work in the stair case to the tower.

We will also work on maintaining and building walking paths in the surroundings.

ACCOMMODATION: SEEDS volunteers will stay at the location, and will take turns between sleeping inside a house and in tents outside the house. Bringing a warm sleeping bag is needed.

We will receive food and be in charge of the different cooking and cleaning activities. Equipped kitchen is available. If volunteers want, they can also bring their own tents and camp. Please do not forget some traditional/typical food from your home country for the international evening.

LOCATION: The lighthouse is located in the West Fjords, one of the most breathtaking and beautiful areas in the country; which is at the same time the least visited and most remote area of Iceland.

The place cannot be reached by car and there are no roads connecting the location; it can be reached only by boat or by foot. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

The region accounts for 10% of the country´s surface but only about 7200 people live there, so it is one of the least populated areas of Europe. The Westfjords are very mountainous; the coastline is made by dozens of fjords surrounded by steep hills.

The region is bounded by Breiðafjörður in the south, with Gilsfjörður cutting into the land from the west and Bitrufjörður from the east, the two almost severing the ragged peninsula from the main mass of Iceland. The West Fjords are made up of Ísafjarðar-, Barðastrandar-, and Strandir Counties.

In the Westfjords you will be able to explore the whole range of Icelandic flora from the shore and meadows, through birch to mossy moors. On the shore, one can see birds and seals and then an occasional arctic fox around the sheep.

Fishing is traditionally the main industry in the region but tourism started to be more and more important as local and foreign visitors are discovering this region in rising numbers.

LANGUAGE: English will be the official language in the camp; high proficiency is not a requirement.

STUDY THEME: This workcamp has an educational/awareness-rising approach to environmental, nature-protection and sustainable development topics.

TERMINAL: Closest International Airport: Keflavík (Reykjavík), KEF. Domestic Airport is Ísafjörður (ÍFJ).

SEEDS organises the "minibus option", a shared transport from Reykjavík to the camps and vice-versa, which apart from being cheaper and more convenient, allows volunteers to meet fellow campers and have a relaxed trip, while stopping on the way for interesting and tourist sites.

SPECIAL REMARKS / EXTRAS: Participation fee EUR 160,- (Euros).

Volunteers applying should be motivated to work with people in outdoor activities in isolated locations away from urban settlements. Volunteers should not be afraid of the sea as transport by boat may be regular; previous experience work is an asset but not a requirement.

Remote places located in natural areas of extreme beauty with countless opportunities to hike and discover it by foot.

AGE: 18+

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