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SEEDS 68. Kirkjubæjarklaustur - Archaeology & Nature
South West
SEEDS Iceland
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From 30.08.2010 to 13.09.2010
Type: Environmental / Archaeology
Number of volunteers: 8
Language: English - high proficiency is not required
Accomodation: In a local house, sleeping on mattresses on the floor in own sleeping bags.
Participation fee: 160 EUR
Extra: Free time activities and excursions in the surroundings will be organized for SEEDS volunteers.

WORK/PROJECT: SEEDS volunteers will be working on few different projects close to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The main task will be to work in and around a newly found archaeology site in the area. The work will be done under supervision from a professional.

We will also be working on different tasks in the area - fixing a walking path, planting trees and some work on a Viking wall.

We will have the chance to participate in réttir (sheep round-up). Réttir is a place where farmers and their families come together to get their sheep back for the winter. The sheep are let loose in the spring time, they wander around on the mountains and grazing areas; when fall comes the farmers go on horses to the mountains to collect and bring them to réttir, so they can be sorted and put in for the winter.

ACCOMMODATION: We will be hosted in a local house; sleeping on mattresses on the floor; please bring your own sleeping bag. Food ingredients will be provided and a kitchen will be available, volunteers will share the duties of preparing and cooking meals.

LOCATION: The working site is located about 5 km of the village Kirkjubæjarklaustur, within easy reach of the main ring road, and around 3 hours driving distance from the capital Reykjavík. Kirkjubæjarklaustur is located in the south of Iceland between Vík and Höfn. The scenery is truly spectacular, with the glacier Myrdalsjökull to the west and Europe´s largest glacier Vatnajökull, containing Iceland´s highest peak, to the east. The area is welcoming with mountains that stretch proudly towards the sky and to the south there is the infinite beauty stretching out from the sky to the sea.

The village, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, became well known in Iceland during the Lakagígar volcano eruptions in 1783. The pastor of the local church, Jón Steingrímsson, delivered what became known as the "Fire Sermon". The legend says that this sermon stopped the lava flow, and the village was spared at the last moment. The current church, constructed in 1974, was built in memory of Reverend Jón Steingrímsson.

The area is surrounded with the Landbrotsholar pseudo-craters which are some seven thousand years old. Tröllshylur is also close by and the beautiful long canyon Fjarðarárgljúfur. An attraction close by is Kirkjugólf (Churchfloor), a natural pavement of basalt. These are basalt columns in the earth, but only the top can be seen, and, as the name suggests, have the appearance of a paved church floor. This lava formation has similar origins to the Giant's Causeway in Ireland. All these attractions contribute to Kirkjubæjarklaustur being a popular place.

It cannot be forgotten that there are also homes of elves in the area, they have a village close by and some claim they have seen the hidden people living there.

LANGUAGE: English will be the official language in the camp, high proficiency is not required.

STUDY THEME: Environmental messenger in the project. S/he will be in charge of delivering ecological and global education messages to both, International volunteers and local hosts through various organised activities.

TERMINAL: Closest International Airport: Keflavík (Reykjavík), KEF. The closest bus station is in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

SEEDS organises the “minibus option”, a shared transport from Reykjavík to the camp location and vice-versa, apart from being cheaper and more convenient, it allows volunteers to meet fellow campers and have a relaxed trip, while stopping on the way for interesting and tourist sites.

SPECIAL REMARKS / EXTRAS: Participation fee EUR 160,- (Euros).

Free time activities and excursions in the surroundings will be organized for SEEDS volunteers.

AGE: 18+

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