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SEEDS 57. RIFF - Reykjavík International Film Festival
Capital Region
SEEDS Iceland
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From 20.09.2010 to 06.10.2010
Type: Festival / Arts
Number of volunteers: 20
Language: English
Accomodation: In a local house; sleeping in shared rooms in own sleeping bags.
Participation fee: 160 EUR
Extra: Tickets to the swimming pools. Free access to the screenings of the festival including receptions and extra events. Tours and excursions at discount fares.

WORK/PROJECT: SEEDS volunteers will be part of the team organising the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF).

The festival is 11 days long and will be organised between 23.9. - 3.11. Last year, there were 106 films presented, varying from Icelandic shorts to environmental documentaries.

We will team up with the local Icelandic volunteers especially from the Film studies of the University of Iceland. We will share all types of tasks related to the festival and the group will be split according to the needs and to give everyone the chance to try out different assignments. We might be working also during the weekends, having a chance to enjoy at least one day of during the festival. There will be more free days before and after all the event.

Volunteers are an integral part of creating a special festival atmosphere in Reykjavík. The input of us, volunteers will make a big difference in making the festival an impressive cultural event. Before starting the festival we might be handing out leaflets, posters and brochures, receiving guests at the airport and driving them to the city, and back, helping the International teams presenting their new releases, selling entrance tickets and festival passes. During the festival we might be controlling the tickets and passes at the entrances in the venues, working as projectionists or cinema attendants, helping during the screenings, guiding and assisting participants and spectators, working on the central information desk, setting up the venues before or after the movies and a wide variety of many different duties.

The tasks are exciting for volunteers interested in films, since we try to give them insight into the working process for a film festival whilst also offering a chance to experience a fun job in a creative atmosphere.

ACCOMMODATION: We will be lodged in a local house in Reykjavík. We will sleep on bunk beds or mattresses, so please bring your own sleeping bag. Food will be provided and cooking, cleaning or common tasks will be shared fairly among the participants.

LOCATION: Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland, often called "the nightlife capital of the north". But there is more to Reykjavík than pubs and clubs. Reykjavík also gathers the most interesting of Icelandic culture. It is an incubator of new ideas and styles which often indicates new global trends. It is an International city with a lively Cosmopolitan cultural scene.

The world's northernmost capital bridges the Atlantic, between Europe and North America. Reykjavík is spread across a peninsula with a panoramic view of the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean on almost all sides.

The population of the city is over 200,000 including the metropolitan area, so two thirds of Iceland's inhabitants live here. Reykjavík is a dynamic, modern city which lives in harmony with beautiful nature, using renewable energy sources - geothermal power and glacial rivers.

Iceland was badly hit with the current financial crisis, which did affect the life for foreign visitors in a positive way, making Iceland a much cheaper country to visit, the local currency greatly lost value ? many goods and services cost (in EUR) just a half comparing to the year 2007.

LANGUAGE: English will be the language in the camp, but high proficiency is not a requirement.

TERMINAL: Closest International Airport: Keflavík (Reykjavík), KEF.

SPECIAL REMARKS / EXTRAS: Participation fee EUR 150,-. We will have free passes and access to all the screenings of the festival including receptions and "extra events", during our free time. SEEDS will provide volunteers with passes to access free of charge the city's seven geothermal swimming pools and thermal-water beach. Tours and excursions might be arranged for at discount fares.

AGE: 18+

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