Inspired by Iceland
Coastal Clean-Up

Our participants from SEEDS 028 started the clean-up from a parking lot near Grótta lighthouse, a protected nesting area for birds, closed to visitors during the summer months. They began with a fantastic picnic, soaking up the precious vitamin D from the sun and tasting delicious food while observing seabirds busy feeding their offspring.  But remember, always maintained a respectful distance from the protected area!

Parking lots in Reykjavík are hotspots for cigarette butts and being the most common items found. Let's be mindful that these are not biodegradable and can pose a serious threat to the health of our feathered friends when mistaken as food. 

While exploring the area, we discovered plastic and metal waste hidden among the rocks by the sea. It's crucial to be cautious when climbing and reaching to collect accessible trash, as the terrain can be tricky. But don't let that stop you from cleaning up and connecting with nature. 

We encourage all of you to carry a trash bag during your walks and hikes, and see your surroundings from a fresh perspective. Let's keep our coastlines pristine for generations to come! 

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