Inspired by Iceland
Strong as a glacier!
Strong as a glacier!  But till when?
Since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have raised temperatures, even higher in the poles, and as a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, calving off into the sea and retreating on land.
What we can do about that? 
First, reach out to your local elected officials to find out if your city has a disaster response plan for right now.  If they don’t have one, make sure you vote for those who have it in their agenda. Or even better become one of them! 
And when it comes to reducing emissions, you can make a few simple changes to your daily routine to lower your carbon footprint. Your impact on climate change primarily comes from what you eat, how you power your homes and mobile devices, and how you travel from place to place. Can you commit to cutting your carbon footprint?
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