Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 004 & 005. Photo Marathon in Reykjavík.

Tomorrow says the lazy. But there is nothing we couldn‘t do today!! With this motto our workcamp was started and in the same mood – full of energy - we were staying till the last evening (but we all hope, not last time!) together. That‘s how the same passion – photography and willingness to learn new things about other cultures and at the same time about ourselves – helped us to became good friends.

Nine different countries, nine different places of the world and nine different people... Our home was so crowded during the workcamp but crowded in a very positive way – full of joy, ideas, games and smell of delicious food. At the same time, the aim of the workcamp – learning about photography was not out of the way. We were so creative not only in taking pictures for the final exhibition but also in trying to catch moments from our daily life so that every face could stay in our memories.

I am very sure that on the exhibition day, when pictures were hanging under the big title „Connections“, everyone of us were trying to answer what kind of personal connections we discovered during the workcamp: connections with each others, with Iceland and finally with ourselves. While we were working on serious (but still very interesting!) part of the workcamp – how to arrange good exhibition, our eyes also had great opportunity to take rest in South Shore and Golden Circle landscapes!

Coming back to Iceland again – why not?? That was the question which I heard during last days of workcamp and I hope it was not only the random minds but the near future plans of our great team – to see each other again in the same place at the same time.

Thank you Francesca, Gyeong, Boenita, Lou, Jose, Simon, Soyoun and Sukyoon for making those two weeks unforgettable! And thank you a lot, Madara and Lara, not only for your master photography lessons (finally, I know something about it!:) ) but also for your support and positive attitude in all kind of situations. We did it – with all you together we had wonderful photo marathon!

Justina Lizikeviciute
SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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