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SEEDS 060. Skriðuklaustur - Making History! We love turf!!!

Here I go once again, with, I hope, the most amazing report ever!

Skriðuklaustur. That strange name for us at the beginning will always be in our memories now, it wouldn´t be fair if we forget about that place and that name. After a very long drive of 13 hours we arrived to the place we were staying in the far far East, 10 minutes before we have passed a pretty “Dalmatian house” with a green roof make of grass, amazing, human and nature together in one single building. Next morning we knew that this wonderful house was our working place!

We had the honour to finish a 10 summer archaeological excavation, to make it prettier for the official inauguration the 19th of August, the 500th anniversary of this monastic site we have been working in for almost two incredible weeks. Re-constructing a turf wall as was done in the ancient time (thank goodness we had the help of our friend Pajero), creating a new walking path and moving some new wood chips were some of our tasks.

Apart from that we really enjoyed every single day some incredible food at this special house; we relaxed with our “siesta time” breaks; we dreamt awaken with fantasy, and also fantastic, places; we felt dizziness with the deepest canyon in Iceland; we listened several times and in different places all the power of Mother Nature; we accomplished our hopes into an amazing hot waterfall lost in the middle of nowhere; we discovered the surroundings of Lagarfljot (an enormous lake) riding a horse…what else do you want?

As everything was so awesome we did a photography competition that finally became the second nicest evening of the workcamp…if you are wondering which was the best…here goes the answer…we made an incredible farewell fire the last night…making fire with wood in Iceland is such a privilege…and we experienced it!!

Who said perfection doesn’t exist??

Jose, SEEDS Environmental Messenger

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