Inspired by Iceland
Celebration of SEEDS' birthday

The beginning of November has brought, apart from huge amounts of snow, few other memorable events. One of the most awaited was definitely the first birthday of SEEDS. The gathering took place in the headquarters at Grettisgata, best time of the week, on Friday. A little bit of Autumn nostalgia caused by the fact that this is also the time of projects' end and time for farewell wishes, was cured by the fact that almost everybody who took part in the on-arrival training met. Almost because quite few mentors (2) already migrated to England, for winter..

Our on-arrival time in May when we volunteers arrived- before leaving for our camps and other activities- and were getting familiar with Iceland was very exciting thanks to Ásdís, Lucie, Maria, Andy, Greg, Jorge, Oscar, Ubaldo and the Icelandic mentors who prepared a great programme for us. This party was a great opportunity to repeat the nice experience of meeting so many nice people in one place and at the same time. I hope all who are concerned agree! In addition we had good humour greatly contributed by other co-volunteers and friends from AUS.

What always surprises me about the current combination of SEEDS members and volunteers? Definitely, the fact (without exaggerating) that all our parties go beyond expectations. Good party with short preparation, cool present from nothing, nice food from all Europe, original Latino dancers, and sometimes even washing dishes without quarrelling. And this party with surprising visit from Sólheimar and super-sized birthday candle was just a proof of my previous statement.

The first year for a young NGO is a very challenging time with moments of uncertainty, unexpected situations, difficult moments and risky changes. From my point of view SEEDS organization, which provided 7 volunteers with meaningful EVS service, prepared 14 environmental work camps as a way for responsible travelling to Iceland, received young Leonardo students and together with workcampers and students left evident positive impact in different areas in Iceland, balanced through these obstacles with elegance.

Therefore I want to congratulate one more time and I wish SEEDS many years of successful activities and fun in Iceland. Agata Marzecova.

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