Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 85. Nature & Fun in the South

Experience authentic life at an Icelandic farm is something completely new.

SEEDS international group of 7 young and 2 senior volunteers get the chance to experience that for 12 days in August. One of a few organic farms in Iceland, nearby beautiful Seljalandsfoss, welcomed us with friendly atmosphere and 6 cute puppies of Icelandic sheep dog! We got to know what a hard life is it on the farm, but also really fun and rewarding. We helped with milking the cows, cleaning the cow & horse stables, planting trees, digging unwanted plants, tearing down old fences & gardening. For all these days we gained a lot of experiences and also enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the farm. The day trip to the Westmann islands, or to Seljalandsfoss and Skogar were amazing and full of new adventures. We also have really nice memories of swimming in the old swimming pool under the glacier - Seljavallalaug. Time at the farm passed really fast and we leave the farm with good feelings in our hearts! Takk fyrir!

Veronika PARICKOVA (SEEDS Environmental messenger)

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