Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 34. The Path to the Volcanos

To accomplish this task we built steps. Building steps is fun! All the team worked in tasks related to the wooden steps: sawing wood, cutting iron, collecting stones, carrying gravel in the wheelbarrow or even using the spirit level! We also collected stones to edge the path and put gravel everywhere.

We gave our personal touch to the path by building a wooden bench. This was the favourite task of our French staff! In the last day we carried the bench to the top of the hill, it was great :) During our time there were also several other tasks. One of the favourites of our women's team was to varnish fences, around the football pitch and many other buildings.

There was also a funny task with one of our funniest leaders: put grass in the gardens. This involved flattening the ground, removing big stones and laying the turf, which came from a nearby farm. Other tasks were putting tiles in the backyard of some buildings, helping to dismantle a tent and moving furniture around the campus. On our blueberry breaks we ate cookies and picked blueberries. The most motivated team came from Slovakia, Portugal and South Korea. With their work we could make blueberry jam and 2 delicious blueberry cakes!

In our free time we were hiking around, to the top of some mountains, to the waterfall and the lakes. We also learned how to make bread and ice-cream. We also had table football, ping-pong and billiard competitions and of course several football matches! (but just one basketball match). To relax we had the possibility to enjoy the 2 hot pots of the campus.

On our last day we organised an International Evening and invited all the population. There were several specialities from our home countries: Belgium, Cataluna, France, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, United States and Wales. The workcamp ended with the brilliant opening of our path with a beautiful string decorated with our flags and cut by our fantastic host.

Thank you for this workcamp!

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