Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 13. Hornafjörður & Höfn
The Melatangi peninsula was a former WW II airport controled first by the British and later by the United States. The peninsula is located very close to Höfn, just 5 minutes by boat.
Our group of 8 volunteers worked directly with the local community in order to improve the tourism possibilities in Melatangi. This meant cleaning the peninsula from garbage and wood, building a walking path and painting signs to guide the way. Additionally, we also cleaned one of the runways that will be used by a former II WW airplane coming from Akureyri, repaired benches and painted runway signs.
The group came from 7 different countries: Korea, England, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal. During our freetime we did 2 environmental activities: one about the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Project and alluminium smelters and another about biodegradation; and 2 intercultural activities: the world trade game and a discussion about our personal and cultural values.
With our hosts we went hiking in the mountains with a group of Icelanders, we rode quadbikes on the marked trail in the peninsula, went to newly discovered hot springs and saw a glacier in the rain.
We feel our work was important for the local community and it was appreciated. In one of our last nights we prepared the international evening with several food specialities and different music from all our countries. We performed two traditional dances and prepared a quiz for everybody to play!!
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