Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 12. Kópasker - Home of the midnight sun!!

As during the last years, SEEDS volunteers have come to the village of Kópasker to contribute to different projects in the county of Norðurþing. This group is composed by 7 volunteers from different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Finland, Lithuania and England.

Everyday the group cleaned the beautiful coastline; 15 Km north and 30 Km south of Kópasker. It was enjoyable work as the views were spectacular with stunning rock formations and waterfalls flowing into the ocean in the Öxarfjarður.

Sometimes there were challenges, such as the arctic terns attacking the truck and getting the truck stuck on the beach. One day was spent with the local children making sculptures from the rubbish that was collected from the shores. It was fun to see the imagination of the kids who created some fantastic creatures.

Kópasker is a small town and volunteers had the chance to meet a lot of the inhabitants when the international evening was packed with locals. An array of dishes was prepared and the local people were taught some flamenco, origami and about the volunteers' countries.

The 2 local hosts Lísa and Inga prepared different free time activities for the group and one of the highlights was being at Dettifoss (the most powerful waterfall in Europe).

The group stays in the main hall of the sports centre which meant plenty of space and entertainment for the evenings.

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