Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 11. Nature reserve of Þórsmörk - The forest of Þór

Húsadalur, situated in the Þorsmork Valley, is currently the base for 11 international SEEDS volunteers for 2 weeks.

Surrounded by the intimidating Myrdalsjökull Glacier and Icelandic forest they set to work on tidying up the camp in preparation for the busiest weekend of the year. Activities include reparing the outdoor showers, weeding, painting the huts and childrens playground, and mending some hiking paths .

After work there have been environmental discussions and activities, and despite the passionate environmentalists in the group, there has been no fighting. If you can‘t survive without internet this is not the camp for you, alternatively, if you are wanting 2 weeks away from the bustle of city life, Þórsmörk will give you all the peace you need.

During their day off they took to the hills and conquered the 800+ metres of Rjupnafell. From the top the view of the glacier is breathtaking, as it is the final ascent.

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