Inspired by Iceland
My volunteering experience - testimony from Ava Kabouchy, a short-term volunteer of SEEDS

Ava, our participant of the camp SEEDS 004. Environment & Photography - February wrote an article about her experience during the 10 days of volunteering.

Ava is originally from the USA, specifically from Maine, but currently lives in France.
She inspired everyone with her amazing photographs of Iceland as well as her creative writing.

In her article she writes about:

  • Volunteering in Iceland
  • Reminders of how we damage the environment
  • A challenging language and climate
  • Educational activities
  • Visiting a geothermal plant and other trips
  • The beauty of Iceland's nature beyond tourism
  • Thermal pools in the snow
  • Admiration for those willing to help

Read her article here: Natural Iceland Explored Through Environmental Tourism (

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