Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 08. Reykjavík - Bláfjöll

One more group of 13 SEEDS volunteers have arrived to the Icelandic capital, Reykjavík, and will be here for the next 2 weeks in the Bláfjöll, Krísuvík and Grindavík areas.

The weather has been amazing for the last weeks in the South-west of Iceland and we hope the climate will stays this way, as most of the work our groups do is outdoors! The aim of the project is to halt the erosion of vegetation and soils and to strengthen the ecosystem of the area by enhancing its natural vegetation. The process of using organic waste materials as fertilizing means, we achieve a double dividend.

Close to 70% of the total population of Iceland lives in this area of the country and the area has suffered of overgrazing and volcanic activity; some areas are stripped entirely of top soil. Volunteers will basically perform three different types of work: a) Fertilising the slopes in Bláfjöll by yard-waste cover. This is the most important work. b) Monitoring the survival and growth rate of tree plantations of former years in the areas of Krýsuvík and Grindavík. c) Cleaning up litter in the vicinity of caves in the Bláfjöll area.

SEEDS international volunteers will be working hand-on-hand with Icelandic youngsters from the working school, Vinnuskóli.

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