Inspired by Iceland
Volcano Excursion

Last Friday, after feeling earthquakes for more than three weeks, finally the volcano in Geldingadalur valley to the south of Fagradalsfjall, erupted. 

Fagradalsfjall is a shield volcano and tuya with multiple prominences located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, around 50 km from Reykjavík. The name is a compound of the Icelandic words fagur (beautiful), dalur (valley) and fjall (mountain). The effusive Geldingadalsgos eruption started just before 9.30 pm local time on 19.03.2021, the first known eruption on the peninsula in about 800 years. Fagradalsfjall has been dormant for 6,000 years.

Last Sunday 13 of the SEEDS long-term volunteers hiked there together to witness this spectacular and impressive eruption. It was a once in a lifetime experience that left everyone speechless. 

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