Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 013. Photo Marathon in Reykjavík
“Cheers to Nature”, the tittle our volunteer chose to guide them to their photographic experience.
They came from all over the world and they shared with us tasty traditional dishes from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France for the international dinner that took place in the second night of the camp.
During the camp they were able to learn how to use the Manual mode of their cameras and through the workshops and lectures Nina and Javi gave to them. They could learn about basics of photography, how to properly take photos of landscapes and Northern Lights, composition
techniques, Lightroom photo editing and also lights and colours in photography.
With all this knowledge they could capture the charm of Reykjavik, south of Iceland and Golden Circle excursions.
Too soon our camp came to an end and we hope they will use their new skills in their future photographic journeys wherever they go.
Javier Delabat
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