Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 123. Family Farm under the Glacier - Myrdalshreppur

By the end of September, a small group of SEEDS volunteers from Finland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and England drove in the red van of SEEDS to the tiny area of Pétursey which became their home for two weeks. We were hosted by charming couple, Bergur and Hrund who treated us like members of their family for our whole stay at the carrot farm.

During the camp we spent a lot of time working in a carrot field surrounded by magnificent Icelandic nature. We saw carrots of all shapes and sizes, we baked a carrot cake and had a lovely international dinner together with our farmer hosts.

Our little group embraced almost everything which the South Shore can offer: we swam in a hot spring, visited the airplane wrack, went to the glacier lagoon and had a guided tour on the glacier!

Katarzyna Muszynska - SEEDS Camp leader

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