Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 138 Christmas Photo Marathon in Reykjavík

During the lovely Photo Marathon just before Christmas, we welcomed photographers from Mexico, Taiwan, Sweden, Thailand, Israel, South Korea and Finland. Some of the participants were already skilled and well-trained photographers who shared their knowledge of photo shooting with the others. Aspa and Connor from Greece delivered professional workshops about the composition, light, photo edition, theme and technicalities of photo equipment.

The volunteers focused on the streets of Reykjavik, as mainly the STREETS were the theme of their photo exhibition which took place in Bio Paradis on the last day of the camp. The group had many different, interesting interpretations of Streets – even outside Reykjavik.

We spent some time volunteering for the Red Cross Iceland while fundrising money by offering hot chocolate during these cold winter days. The camp really enjoyed their time in Reykjavik, spiced up by the mexican food and card games.

Katarzyna Muszynska - SEEDS Camp leader


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