Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 002. Environmentally aware in Reykjavík

This was an environmentally aware camp in Reykjavik.The camp consisted of workshops, excursions and other environmentally related activities in and/or around the city of Reykjavík.The participants had the oportunity to learn more about Iceland and its environment, by taking part in a number of activities such as working with IFAW (anti-whaling campaign),visiting a geothermal powerplant,taking a guided tour in the Botanical Gardens, etc..

The camp was very diverse, with 11 participants from all over the world (Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Romania, Russia, Singapore & South Korea) creating an overall positive environment and overall having a fun time togheter.

The camp was a good oportunity for everyone involved to learn more about eachother/themselves, whilst volunteering for the environment and gathering precious knowledge on issues concerning worldwide subjects.

The camp was a complete succes on all fronts and everyone left the experience yearning for more :D

Andrei ABDUL - SEEDS camp coordinator

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