Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 108. The Highlands of Iceland - The Famous Kjölur Road (2:2)

The highlands are a spectacular place within the least populated area of Iceland. Rough roads, glaciers on all sides and extreme climate.  It’s very unique, due to the fact it’s quite isolated and unreachable - and of course extremely beautiful, almost from another planet.

Our international group of volunteers has been in charge to maintain and keep clean a camp site, and maintaining and making hiking paths in one of the most beautiful hot spring areas in Iceland. Working on an ancient volcanic caldera: fumaroles, hot springs, mud-spots, small glaciers and colorful mountains have been the spectators of the great job carried out. “Hard but rewarding” is one of the slogans said among the volunteers during these 2 weeks of work camp. The fact that many hikers have thanked us for making their journey easier, was very pleasant too.

We hope that this extreme Icelandic experience remains in the hearts of our volunteers forever and we wish them all the best.

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