Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 020. Growing Gardens in Reykjavík (1:4)

6 people from 6 different countries, all new to the world of gardening, got their hands green and dirty helping the Reykjavik gardening station for 2 weeks. We took care of baby flowers, we dug tree beds, we prepared fields for new plants, we barbecued and drove around club cars. There are not many work camps where it’s useful to know how to say the colours in Icelandic (appelsínugulur was our favourite), or the numbers (fimm and sex and tuttugu), or flower, or beautiful butterfly. We worked hard, walked hard, swam hard, and danced hard. 

A big thank you to our host team for teaching us gardening, for sharing stories, for throwing eggs and bursting balloons with us, for bringing over Hruni the dog to roll in the grass for our entertainment. We will keep our eyes open for June-July, when our plants will invade the city of Reykjavik, and we will proudly say we knew them since they were young and tiny.

Andreea PRELUCA, SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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