Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 003. Winter Photo Marathon in Reykjavík (2:2)

During the latest Photomaraton in Reykjavík we enjoyed the company of participants from 13 countries from all around the world. The workshops were focused on improving the quality of photos, including using different settings, backgrounds, objects. At the end of the project the participants chose the best photos which were shown on the exhibition titled 'Lines and Shapes' (however more popular phrase used by participants was 'For the Art'). You can see the photos in Reykjavik City Hostel since 4th January.

Of course we were not always taking photos, in  the breaks we visited local swimming pools, the skating rin:; we went to the best known bar in the capital – Lebowski. The volunteers learnt a lot during the organized Icelandic evening, when they answered questions in the icelandic quiz. We were practicing basic conversations in Icelandic and we tried local specialities: fish oil and licorice sweets. The diversity of nationalities on the workcamp made the afternoon of international games more interesting  – we learnt more about the culture of our new friends. We visited the flea market and the exhibition of photos from Keflavik showed in the Museum of Photography. The last nights of January were the perfect time to observe northern lights which seemed to be the best theme to make photos of. 

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