Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 064. Hitting the slopes - Blue Mountains (2:2)

The Blue mountains are noted for insane weather. If you have watched 'The Shining', directed by Stanley Kubrick, you will feel that you are in the middle of this really scary movie! Try to imagine, lonely huge house in the end of the road. There is nothing around except black mountains created by lava and rusted ski lifts. Very strong wind and rain. If you listen carefully you can hear something like voices or steps in the house. But take it easy, it is just wind and rain. Or is it???

Because of the really extreme weather we mostly worked inside. We helped the staff crew with cleaning the main house and waxing skis.Of course the members of staff are used to managing the extreme weather. Therefore there is the table tennis so we arranged many competitions. As expected- they beat us almost every time. Probably there is very bad weather very often.

When the weather became better, we cleaned the slopes and painted the house. It was very great oppurtunity. During the work we could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Blue Mountains, especially the bizarre rock shapes made from lava and the huge mountain called The Big King!

We helped to fix the path which leads to the volcano too. It was really tough work but our reward was the opportunity to go inside the volcano! It is an unbelievable experience. Cannot describe. You should just try it!!!




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