Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 040. Far far away! Icelandic heritage

We were in a tiny, beatiful town in the East of Iceland, the biggest town in that part with 600 inhabitants. So small, but at the same time full of life and with all the facilities one needs, supermarket, outdoor-warm-free-swimming-pool, local church, and much more.

This town is very famous for two mains things: firstly it is very close to two longs rivers which are full of salmon and other fishes during the summer time, so perfect for those who want to have a great fishing experience. Also,  it has one of the oldest turf farmhouses best preserved that has been transformed into a musueum 20 km from the town.

During the workcamp we had a chance to learn more about the culture and the heritage of Iceland thanks to our reference Fanney and the local people who made us feel at home.

We spent our working-time cleaning the museum up for the opening-season and fixing most of the hiking paths around the area. It was great because we worked for the community and we met local people, we learnt from them what Iceland really is in the countryside.

I'm very happy to have taken part this workcamp as a leader, especially for the people I met. Special thanks to my participants, they did a good job and we had such a good time togheter, Takk to Daniel from Hong Kong, Zuzanna(Zuzia) from Poland and the last but not least Linda from USA.

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