Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 037. Meet us - don't eat us (1:6)

Are whales the symbol of unsustainability? They were living on our planet millions of years before us. Nowadays, pollution in oceans is already making life very difficult for them. Furthermore, they are still hunted by some countries. It is important to reach a global consensus now for their protection. If Iceland stops whaling, it will be a big step forward.

During this work camp we tried to raise awareness not just among tourists but also among locals. After short training we were well informed, motivated and well prepared to go out in  the streets and collect signatures to protect these magnificent animals. It was really interesting to see how many people support this campaign. We did our best and our bit. We also had the opportunity to do whale watching. It was an unforgettable experience. We saw whales, puffins, dolphins, singing birds…

It was a great time, with delicious international dinners, environmental documentaries, funny games and amazing visits to the Icelandic nature. Beautiful days with beautiful people. The volunteer team for this camp was made of 5 motivated individuals from Spain, Germany, Sweden and Ireland. With the passion and enthusiasm each person brought, we really believe that we have made a positive difference.



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