Inspired by Iceland
066. Hitting the slopes - Skalafell & Blue Mountains (2:2)

It all started with a fog – incredibly big one. The more closer to work place we got, the more foggier it went. When we got out of the car all there was to see was a house with a red roof and nothing else. Just fog. Welcome to Blafjoll!

The workcamp took place in the skiing resort near from Reykjavik, in the Blue Mountains. Every day we helped with cleaning the area and skii slopes, moving tree logs and brunches and other tasks, but I’m pretty sure that the thing that everyone will remember the most is the smell of hey – we spent a lot of time helping to cover the area and skii slopes with hey. We also spent a lot of times in shower trying to get rid of it.

Weather in these days wasn’t a friend of ours – every morning to question „What is the weather outside?” I got one answer: „The same as yesterday. „ Yeah, I even started to think, that Iceland should change it’s name to Rainland.

But even the usual „rain-wind-fog” stuff didn’t stop us from having a good time together – searching for caves in the area, doing self protection courses in the evenings, making a „house in the middle of house” from boxes, doing strange things with muscat, learning the basics of parcour and more, more..  But nothing is better than playing „Hide and seek” in a big, dark and empty house! Yes, our imagination was working better than just good. And one day we even had a chance to hold in our hands a small baby arctic fox, which needed to see a vet. Now I’ve started to think about having one back at home..

And we even managed to see a bit of the Iceland in our free days – went to the Golden circle excursion with geysirs, waterfalls and other must-see Iceland places, went to  the hot river hike (imagine lying in a hot river almost for one hour and eating cookies, while surrounded by mountains and birds - paradise!) and seeing a 120 m deep vulcanoe from inside! Really amazing!

Big thank you all, for the wonderful two weeks we spent together! All the voulcanic rocks that’s still been hiding in my pockets will remind me the good moments we had! J

Anne KANEPONE - SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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