Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 043. The Highlands North of Vatnajökull Glacier

This summer me, Yul Hwa KIM  and Se-Jin PARK from South Korea, Ludmila  BORSIKOVA  from Slovakia, Nia RODGERS from United Kingdom and Felix FROTTE  from France came to volunteer in Möðrudalur, the highest inhabited farm in Iceland. People lived in this place since Iceland was settled and in the early days it was one of the leading farms.

The very first you see arriving to the place is an  Iceland’s national mountain− Herðubreið. It impresses with it’s beauty and grandeur, wherever you go, you can see it. The local landscape is unique and surprisingly calm. It  attracts a lot of tourists, so that  we met many new people there.

We were lucky to live all together in a turf house, sharing our favourite songs in the morning. The very first lesson of Icelandic language we got very soon from our common  friend, a daughter of our hosts --Isolde.   

We really appreciated the work we did at the farm: we removed old fence, colored sticks following picturesque tourist tracks, vanished houses, we did a new lawn and we got unforgettable experience in reconstructing turf houses. Anymore there is  no a secret for us how to build a turf house. We know  for sure, if you want to do something like that you’ll have to work a lot of and with passion!

We spent great time together working and having rest. Now we know that in Iceland it’s possible to meet people with a name of god, to visit a hidden cave deep in the earth with a hot spring, take a bath there, to play frisbee golf in the middle of nowhere and fall in love for  forever  with exotic and severe nature!

Katsiaryna Fedartsova

SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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