Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 035. Reykjavik - Arts & Outdoors

There were many unanswered questions and doubts about this work camp, but from grayness it turned to a creative, fun and literally colorful experience.

First we met each other, not at the same time though, but as a group of only five, it was easy to remember names, countries, likes and dislikes. It seemed going well at that point. Then we met David, the owner of Litli Bóndabærinn on Laugaveggur. Before starting to work with him, he came to visit us in SEEDS outskirts accomodation. And many surprises started to meet us. We completely fell in love with his view on world, recycling ideas, eating habbits, creativity and humour. At that point no rain or problems could make this bad. During next days, we restored a part of an old farm’s space, helping it transform into an organic coffee house. We all met lots of paint, masking tape, old furniture and new design sollutions. Eventualy we, of course, met problems and disagreeing arguments, but they all passed away and were covered with laughter and good, no, amazing organic food.

It was great to meet the outcome of just a week’s work in the end. We were proud of ourselves, and, guys, we really should! Thank you for making this so rememberable – David, Annleise, Maryann [with no a], Kristine and Lara. It seems that the new, second Litli Bóndabærinn place will meet many smiling customers and cozy days.

Madara Liepina

SEEDS Photo Marathon Coordinator


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