Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 061. Mýrdalshreppur - South Shore (4:8)

We usually think that we only can learn in the schools, in the colleges, may be in our homes when we are kids. We always relate any kind of learning with the formal education and its formal methods. But then, you arrive to a farm in the South of Iceland and a family of farmers teach you in only two weeks more things that you could learn in one year of university. And I’m not talking (only) about farming.

This family works a lot (and when I say a lot it’s not this 8 working hours that we spent in our office in the city; I’m talking about working until 11 in the evening every day and waking up at 7.30 to milk the cows), but never get stressed. They take care of their guests the same way they take care of their family or their animals. They always smile, even if it has not been the best year with the carrots. And when you leave, they give you their hand and they wish you the best, and you know that they say it honestly and from the deepest, not as a simple formality.

Coming to Iceland gives you this kind of opportunities. You expect to find amazing volcanos, shining glaciars and an overwhelming coastline. And for sure you find them. But sometimes you cross paths with people like our host family and that’s when you realize how lucky you are of being in this country.   

Pablo Jiménez - SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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