Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 044. As far as it gets in the East fjords!

A beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere hosted 9 great volunteers from all around the world – Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Italy, France, Austria and Ukraine. None of us expected to get sooo far in the Eastfjords. But finally we were there to do a lot of tasks. And we were really happy to do this for our wonderful hosts Örn, Laufey and Elizabeth.

Mostly we were in a very artistic mood – we painted houses, did beautiful walking path, repaired fences; sometimes volunteers felt like strongmen or Vikings while they were splitting the huge driftwood; and we also planted some trees to make the place even more green.

A lot of amazing things happened to us during the work camp! Local horses became our friends, local seal gave us a wink, little lamb slept on someone’s arms, reindeers were having picnic not far from the farm, birds were singing songs for us and the great skua was always watching us, so that we didn’t step on her nest. We almost met the local ghost (Örn told us a lot of stories about it), but it was too shy that days, unfortunately. Who knows, maybe some volunteers will visit the place again and meet it…

This beautiful place and this beautiful group will stay in my heart forever.

Kateryna Izotova
SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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