Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 023. Pirates in the West fjords

Constitution of being a good Pirate

When I say word Pirate, what mind firstly come to your mind? I bet you will think about people robbing stuff from the ships at sea.

 It was like that many years ago but today we are saying – NEI TAKK!!!  Yes, sometimes, the pirates take the valuables from ships and sometimes they take the entire ship. BUT as long as we are volunteers we are much more heroic and adventurous than robbers.

Here it is our short Constitution helping you not to get lost in big world and become a successful Pirate:

1. You should dedicated your mind and body for two weeks working and having fun in amazing place – West Fjords.
2. You should be brave to get dirty!
3. You should be open – minded to see invisible treasure in other people´s hearts.
4. You should try to feel all shapes of Iceland: rocks, wood, timber and any kind of natural materials which can help you to make super cool playground for children.
5. You should patiently spot whales in the ocean.
6. You should be a good cook – everyone expects best meals during international dinner.
7. You should be strong enough to survive ‚unique weather phenomena‘ of Iceland 
8. You should follow the captain (many thanks to Guðmundur) of the ship and the whole team.
9. You should be ready for adventures every day.
10. You should take everything as a part of the experience.

Don't misunderstand – the era of piracy hasn't finished yet and you need to follow the rules!

Justina Lizikeviciute
SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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