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SEEDS 071. Adventure in Trolls'land - Tröllaskagi!

Feelings, memories, sensations and good moments are all mixed up now. Only a few days ago we were still together in our workcamp, in our glacier valley, in our particular "Neverland", a place where the dreams become true.

It was only 2 weeks... only 14 days... only 336 hours...only 20.160 minutes... only 1.209.600 seconds... But in this short period of time plenty of things happened, plenty of adventures were lived, plenty of works were accomplished, plenty of stories were told, plenty of good memories were taken... plenty of dreams became true.

Skidadalur, in a place called Tröllaskagi (Trolls' land in English), was our home, part of the proud community of Dalvik. We were living in an old farm that now is used as basement of Heli ski business; imagine how luxurious the accommodation was. Our tasks included from painting (from old sheep houses, to quite new roofs), to making some new paths, passing through create some new turf structures or a typical Icelandic forest. Don’t worry if you get lost in it, you have 2 options to solve the problem: you can just stand up and look around you to find the exit or wake up because it was just a dream ;p.

Apart from all this, we really enjoyed tasting all the different fish soup in Dalvik the day before the big Fish Day (believe it, is quite big)…but the best of this celebration was still to come: The Fish Day we were so amazed tasting all the different varieties of fish that Dalvik offers every August to the visitors that dare to go. Our hiking excursions included a glacier, Grímsey, the island in the polar circle and a very beautiful lake, a perfect hidden place.

It was such a special workcamp, such a great time, such wonderful people all around... it was such a dream become true.

Jose, SEEDS Environmental Messenger
Tiphaine, SEEDS Workcamp Leader
Baiba, SEEDS Workcamp Leader

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