Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 072. History & Culture Festival in the West fjords...Estupendastico!

Oh Reykhólasveitinn min við viljum syngja þer eitt lítið lag!
Oh Reykhólabúar við viljum flytja ykkur þetta í dag!

Song, well just two lines of it. Twelve people from seven different countries - Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Czech Republic and Latvia learned the whole song without any knowledge of Icelandic specially for this festival... but it all started out with helping to make Reykhólar the most beautiful and cleanest place in the Westfjords!

We took part in making decorations for the town and of course setting them up all around the area. Other interesting tasks for us were making football field of seaweed for the weirdest game we have ever seen - seaweed football. We were very curious to try ice cream made of seaweed and we did! The two weeks passed so quickly because every day was different from one another and of course from time to time the tasks were challenging but since we were working as a team we made it! We had an awesome chance to try many different soups and the ride that we had with the tractor from 1957 has to be mentioned and much, much more, in fact too much to recite!

We spent an incredible evening at our lovely hostesses farm, enjoying countryside and delicious, typical Icelandic Christmas food in the middle of July with our marvellous hostess and her family.

Our free time was well spent as well – while exploring the area we had an extreme hiking adventure and second to none was our last evening together when we played hide and seek, “blind chicken” and other funny games that made us roll laughing all together with Harpa, our amazing hostess. We couldn’t believe that these two weeks were over and we had to say goodbye...hopefully not forever. What else could we say if not... Estupendo + Fantastico = Estupendastico! :)

Agnese, SEEDS Workcamp Leader


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