Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 069. Viking Festival & Fire in Húnaþing!

Greetings from Hvvaaaaammmmssssttttaaaaannnnnggggiiiiiii!!!!!

What do you get if you cross 3 Italians, 2 spanish and a British guy with an Icelandic school, 2 festivals and The Chemical Brothers - ´The Devil is in the Beats´?! A hell of a crazy, good time.

The first week was spent preparing for the festival - although the weather and materials delayed our endeavors - so instead we relaxed in the pool (right next to the school where we were staying), took a trip around the peninsula and counted some non-existent seals! The second week the party started!

The work was tough but enjoyable and interesting. We put up old viking tents, prepared for the family festival, painted faces, ran around moving countless tables and chairs and had a few beers for good measure. We all got along so well - I haven't laughed so much in a while! Hvammstangi...we will miss you!
Þetta Reddast! 
Hugh, SEEDS Environmental messenger
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