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SEEDS 073. Strandir in the West fjords - Liberating the nature!

Hi everyone! We are back from the Westfjords, from the magical zone of Strandir, from the peaceful village of Hólmavik! The beginning of the workcamp was a bit lonely but in the second day that fact was fully solved!

We have been doing an important work for the inhabitants of this town (280 as our amazing and marvellous host told us). Taking down some old fences and also some useful jobs for the travellers that have the pleasure to walk around this part of Iceland, the hiking path we have been fixing looks so great now! In other words, we have been taking down man-made walls that were inprisoning the nature and also at the same time making it more accessible to people and we are quite proud of our work!

Apart from all that we had a wonderful time thanks to our magnificent host, our experience wouldn’t have been the same without him. We went fishing (we had enough fish for the whole duration of workcamp), horse riding, we learnt from the legends about the sorceries of the past (we will never forget about the necro pants)…

All of us wished for the camp to be a little bit longer and we were a bit sad when the final day came but then again - we do have the amazing memories!

Relaxed greetings to everyone,
Jose, SEEDS Environmental messenger

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