Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 030. Meet us - don´t eat us (2:6) - Save a whale, bite on a waffle!

´Hi! Would you like to save some whales? It´s very easy! Just write down your name and the country you are from!´ - this and some other ´pick-up lines´ have become extremely popular in the streets of Reykjavík for last two weeks because of 10 energetic, young, creative and cheerful volunteers, eager to save whales, get to know Iceland and Icelanders and last but not least - have some fun together, while enjoying international company.

Besides daily work - approaching tourists, having dialogs with angry and not so angry Icelanders, weekends, evenings and free time was filled with late night talks, whale watching, karaoke, dancing, international cuisine tasting, barbequing in the park, games, activities and excursions. Throughout the camp one could feel creativity, fun, laughers and love in the air.

Even though we didn’t reach the target – 2000 postcards, some good lessons have been learnt. Most important one - campaigning against whaling is not only about the number of signatures collected, it’s about changing the viewpoints of individuals, making impact and leaving some footprints behind. And if it can be reached by making funny and crazy events like free waffles and flashmobs at the harbor and on the central shopping street, you can only ask yourself – “Save the whales!? Why not!?

Ivita, SEEDS Workcamp leader

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