Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 87. Volunteering at the feet of Eyjafjallajökull

Most of our last days were dedicated to the sheep of Iceland. We were first helping to fix the sheep stable and to prepare it for the cold winter months. Then it was time for the Réttir, the event of gathering the sheep from the fields. Some of us went by horse, and some by foot to seek out the sheep and to direct the herd to the stable.

But today we had our most challenging task: We were giving the sheep a manicure!

This meant catching them, turning them around so that they would end up in a sitting position (in which they more or less can`t move) and then cutting their nails. - Not that easy when one sheep weighs more than you! It was great fun!

Apart from that: this workcamp is GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I like all the people here a lot, and this is one of the places I feel most at home in Iceland!


Sonja KOVACEVIC (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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