Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 66. Djúpavík. Where the northern road ends!

Yesterday, some of our group of volunteers ran in screaming: “NORTHERN LIGHTS!”

Of course we all rushed out to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon. So Djúpavík will always be the place where I saw my first northern lights. But it is not only that: it is also the place where I cleaned a coastline for the first time and, well, renovating an old herring factory is also something I`ve never done before.

Djúpavík is a very special place in the bottom of a fjord. The locality mainly consists of an old herring factory (that now serves as a museum, an art gallery and a venue for concerts) and a hotel. There are only two people and a dog living permanently in the area. We were brought to this beautiful place by a long road from Reykjavik that allowed us to see seals from our car window!

We have many diverse tasks in Djúpavík. So far we were helping in building and maintaining walking trails, in renovating the old herring factory, and in cleaning the surrounding coastline.

Our hosts are great, and we have a lot of fun. And we can go kayaking in the beautiful surrounding fjords, as often as we like! Tomorrow we are planning a spooky tour through the factory, so wish us luck!

Sonja KOVACEVIC (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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