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SEEDS 04. Nature & Culture in the South of Iceland (1)

This workcamp took place on a farm in the South of Iceland. A place that is far from the (only) major road and lost between fields as far as the eye can see on one side, and the sea on the other side. But in every sincerity this farm is a magnificent place and the family that lives there are very open and warm.

We were living in a guest house by ourselves as there were no tourists staying in this period, and the family lived in their house just behind the guesthouse. Our work was very diverse, for example, milking the cows in the morning and evening, feeding the sheep, and at the same time creating enclosures for lambs because it was the period of the lamb births. With 300 sheep this means some work! We also made sticks to serve as markers for a hiking trail. We were cleaning the beach from waste that had been thrown into the sea and at the same time got the opportunity to discover the impressing coastline with its big black sand beaches.

A great local meal was lamb soup. We also made overnight stays to watch the birth of the lambs and to put them with their mothers. Sometimes this was rather funny and certain situations were less funny; but I keep a good memory. We also went for an excursion towards the glacier Vatnajökull and the surrounding national park, which is an incredible area with one unique waterfall which has rocky formations in the shape of an organ! We also discovered a very renowned place in Iceland where you can see Icebergs breaking loose from a glacier. Finally we created a sculpture all together which leads visitors to the guesthouse, magnificent! I have very good memories from this very welcoming family, an address to stop by at, if you happen to pass by Iceland!!

Eddy BARAU (SEEDS Workcamp leader)

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