Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 31. Lighthouse at the end of the world!

Yesterday was a tiring day, cutting diamond shapes out of dry turf. The wall we are building is definitely taking shape and we are feeling quite proud of it! The wind yesterday was whipping soil into our eyes and there was a silly moment where we were all in our goggles/sunglasses/plastic bags/ jacket sleeves to try and stop it.

Today is our free day and we hiked up the mountain close to the lighthouse. The view from up there was truly spectacular. We could see all of two fjords in panorama from the flat-topped mountains in the West Fjords. The climb was hard but worth it in every way. Below us there was a sea so blue with traces of green, which stretches eventually into nothing as it becomes part of the grey sky. One of my volunteers climbed the abandoned electric pole at the top, while another shouted in his native tongue something that sounded like a celebration. Some of the others were laughing or taking photos very close to the edge!

Tonight we are having traditional lamb cooked by our host, so we had to hurry down. Just as we reached the path that will lead us back down, a fog descended so thick that it was hard to see the person in front of you. A small moment of worry passed but the fog just blew away in literally ten minutes. Just another strange trait of the Icelandic weather! Coming down was difficult and often we had to hold on to one another to get down. Finally we reach the bottom, a little scratched and bumped but still smiling. We sit on the grass at the top of the cliff where the orange lighthouse perches, and stare in comfortable silence watching the sun and listening to the sea until it’s time for dinner.

Laura GULLIVER (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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