Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS 72. Fljótsdalshérað - Icelandic North-east

Green kale, red kale, mizuna, red giant and other name of salads; berries, red and black currant and, of course, barley.

Most of the volunteers joining this workcamp changed their diet quite drastically. We all knew from the description of the workcamp that it would be vegetarian meals only. Our Austrian vegetarian couple were very happy about this. Nevertheless, it was a very interesting thing for all of us to see how our body felt, especially as everyday we had to do physical work.

Living on the organic farm reminded me of the days I was helping my grandmother in her garden. It takes so much effort and time to plant, grow, harvest, weigh the right amount for a salad bag and pack it. During the two weeks, we were involved in several jobs on the farm: packing barley flour, picking potatoes, berries, black currant, harvesting salad, preparing the salad mix or weeding. You mentally realize how many resources are wasted (sometimes) to bring you the salad bag in the supermarket; we saw a big part of the production chain that we don’t usually see. Physically, we also realized how good it feels to work outdoors and use your hands in a different way than typing on the keyboard.

Our group got quite close also because we got to spend so much time together. Time was passing by in a different way and we were always taking time to knit or observe how the mountain in front of the house changes appearance according to weather and daylight. So, all the guys learnt how to play the Italian game of cards Briscola and even created a championship, some girls took up knitting from master Dagmar and many inner jokes were developed.

On the way back we got to see Iceland under the colours of autumn. Myvatn Lake looked mystical in the warm light after a rain storm. I remember Giacomo, one of my volunteers, running from one place to another with his camera trying to catch the moment: “Ana, this is not real. This is Science Fiction. ”

Ana DUMBARA (SEEDS workcamp leader)

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