Inspired by Iceland
SEEDS Volunteers Promote Grænn Apríl (Green April)

This month is Grænn Apríl  (Green April) here in Iceland! Green April is a month long environmental campaign to educate people on local environmental issues, resources, and activities.

SEEDS Volunteers from Spain, France, Italy, Estonia, Israel and Luxembourg have come together to promote Green April and support local organisations. We helped sort and distribute 150 thousand environmental information cards from, an eco-conscious network and website. Morgunblaðið, a local newspaper, produced a special Green April edition. This newspaper edition includes stories of eco-friendly Icelanders and local organizations.

We distributed cards, information, and newspapers from and Morgunblaðið around Reykjavik, going into cafes, stores, and other venues. Through our work, the people of Reykjavik will have information about ways they can make Iceland more sustainable. In addition to doing voluntary work, we learnt about Icelandic culture through first-hand experiences! We cooked traditional Icelandic food, learnt about the Icelandic government from an Icelandic politician, visited the studio of Sigur Rós, and learnt how to knit using yarn made in Iceland!

When we travel back to our home countries, we will leave having a greater understanding of Icelandic culture and knowing that we made April in Iceland a little greener!

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